Previously Siam chapter organized various talks by renowned speakers include faculty from the scientific organization in India as well as faculty from outside India who are visiting Department of Mathematics, IIT Guwahati. We are planning to organize various other talks in near future. Please keep visiting this site to know more.


Some notable speakers are:

  1. Speaker: Prof. R. Jeltsch, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
    • Topic: Leonhard Euler: his life, personality, discoveries and their impact theory
  2. Speaker: Prof.  Krishnan B. Athreya,  Emeritus Faculty, Iowa State University
    • Topic: Mathematics of Risk Taking
  3. Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christian Mehl, TU Berlin, Germany
    • Topic: Introduction to Generalized Eigenvalue Problems
  4. Speaker: Dr. Gaurav Trivedi, IIT Guwahati, India
    • Topic: An introduction to computational Biology and a brief discussion on the nerve conduction analysis.
  5. Speaker: Dr. Manoj Saikia, (Professor at Dept. of Cardiac Surgery), NEIGRIHMS, India
    • Topic: The role of Applied Mathematics. Does it help in quantifying patient-specific geometry and its clinical outcomes after cardiac surgery?
  6.  Speaker: Dr. Sumana Dutta, IIT Guwahati, India
    • Topic: Understanding “Far From Equilibrium Phenomenon” : Dynamics and control of spiral and scroll waves.